Being a Good Neighbor

Meacham international Airport recognizes the importance of being a responsible neighbor, and is committed to managing the impact of aircraft operations on local residents. In an effort to continue to provide an excellent facility, a noise abatement program has been developed with the participation of the airport operators, neighborhood representatives, the Federal Aviation Administration and the City of Fort Worth.

The purpose of this program is to minimize the noise impact of aircraft operations on the surrounding neighborhoods without unduly restricting use of the airport.

Submit a Noise Complaint

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations

UAS operators are required to notify airport management of flights in the area.

Submit UAS notification

Public Speakers

To schedule airport staff to speak at a public event, school function or business meeting, contact airport administration at 817-392-5400.

Conference Center

To promote civic interaction and cooperative efforts, the Fort Worth Department of Aviation (DOA) welcomes the use of its Meacham Conference Center by tenants and the public. The conference center is available for DOA-sponsored activities and currently-serving City Council members at no charge. Otherwise, the conference center is available to tenants, other City of Fort Worth departments, and members of the public for a fee.

The center may be reserved up to 90 days in advance, and rates are available on the application below.